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Major Midget Program revamped.


With the different needs of a potential Major Midget “AA” player coming to light we have decided to revamp the current Major Midget program with the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven.

When a player gets to the Midget level they have other concerns in their life aside from hockey. Such things as jobs, social life and preparing for university are high on the priority list while playing hockey at a high level is still a concern. We have decided to set up a Major Midget program that will take some of these considerations into affect.


Game Days

    -We are looking at setting an actual fixed home game date of Tuesday nights at the Goulbourn Recreation Centre in Stittsville.The game would be an 8pm start and would be the standard 2 hour game.


Practice days

    -We are looking at setting a fixed practice schedule throughout the season. There would be a 1 ½ hour practice on Sunday nights from approximately 8:30pm to 10pm or 9-10:30pm.

   -There would be a second practice night for the first part of the season on a Thursday night. Probably an 8:30-10pm slot. This would run to approximately Christmas time and on alternate weeks.



    -We would be looking at participating in one out of town tournament along with a potential 2-3 local tournaments to keep travel down.



   -Since we would be looking at less practice ice and the possibility of less tournaments there would be a reduced cost to the program. The details of this are still to be determined but estimated at 75% of regular program.


The changes that we are proposing will allow the program to run in a more central manner rather than moving players all around the District. It will also make it more of a fixed date schedule so planning for work schedules will be easier. There will still be the unknown of the away game schedule that cannot be centralized. We are hoping that a program designed this way will be of interest to the AA players in District 4.

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