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AAA Special Meetings


This is the third and final year of the "AAA" pilot project and to ensure all levels of hockey have adequate time to prepare for the upcoming season there will be two special meetings held.

The first meeting will be, January 16th, from 1300 to 1500 (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm), in the ground floor conference room at the Hockey Office.  This meeting will be open to all District Chairs, Association Presidents, members of any / all hockey associations and general public for a short Power Point presentation by the "AAA" Steering Committee and an open question and answer session to explain;

where the project started;
where it stands to date;
and if successful in becoming a full fledged league within the ODMHA where it may be leading.

 The second meeting is set for 2 weeks later (January 30th, same time & place) and will be a Special General Meeting (all voting members of the ODMHA - Executive, Minor Council, District Chairs and Association / League Presidents with voting authority).  The two week time frame will allow the Presidents and District Chairs to discuss the information presented  and at the second meeting  vote on whether the pilot ends and "AAA" is endorsed as a full time league or in the case of negative vote how can we move forward in an alternate direction.  This early vote will allow planning to continue in a meaningful fashion for next season.  Any other outstanding issues will be dealt with at the regular spring AGM.

Andy Baird,
Director At Large, ODMHA
Chair of "AAA" Steeriing Committee

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